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Do you need to take a break?

Inspiring stories, practical resources, and a soft spot to land with Breeda Miller

Welcome to a soft spot to land. If you are feeling stressed out, burned out, frustrated or exhausted, you are not alone.  My name is Breeda Miller and I can help you Take a Break Before You Break.

Over a million views. WOW.

Who knew that a little story about helping my mother at the end of her life would resonate with over a million views?  I certainly didn't.  My story was shared on social media  (Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Power of Positivity and Innerlight Media) and the comments and shares were overwhelming - messages of impact, appreciation, and connection.

What about you?

Caregiving isn't for sissies and many of us had no idea what we were getting into at the beginning.  This is a place that offers you a soft spot to land, a place filled with inspiring stories, great ideas and resources.  All for you.


Why Breeda?

I'm a storyteller. I've told stories at The Moth Story Slams and have been broadcast on The Moth Story Hour on NPR. I have a video that has gone viral (in a good way).  I've worked in marketing, sales, and advertising.  But my most rewarding experience was caring for my mother at the end of her life.  That's what drove my decision to find creative ways to help other caregivers.

I Was An Accidental Caregiver

I was my mother's caregiver for many years - including hospice care in my home. I had no training, no experience. I didn't know what I didn't know.  All I knew was that I loved my mother.

I wasn't prepared to deal with the exhaustion, frustration, and isolation I experienced as a family caregiver. I was shocked by the sense of isolation and loneliness I experienced. That's why I wrote The Caregiver Coffeebreak and I speak to groups to help Caregivers Carry On, using memorable stories to create impact.

I'm so glad you're here.  Poke around and see what might help you.  There are videos, resources, blog posts and a space to purchase my book.  Occasionally there will be opportunities to join my 6 week program - Take A Break Before You Break Blueprint.

I also have a YouTube channel that provides quick access to some of my favorite videos that might give you a lift just when you need it most.  You can see it at

Welcome, pull up a chair and make yourself at home.

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Breeda with Time Saving Shortcuts for Caregivers
Breeda with Time Saving Shortcuts for Caregivers

Essential Guide to Caregiving

Breeda Miller was recently featured in the national publication The Essential Guide to Caregiving, Centennial Media, 2018.

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