A Proactive LIfe

Life Lessons on the Camino

Fall is in full swing, I know because there is pumpkin-spiced everything available.  I look forward to the change of seasons and I hope you are able to get outside and enjoy this time of year.  Caregiving can be even more isolating in the winter, try to plan some ways you can care for yourself…

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The Secret to Life

I have finally discovered the secret to life.  Through the wise words of Mark Scharenbroich CSP, CPAE I now understand an essential truth.  It has appeared as an innocent disclaimer printed on countless ticket stubs throughout my lifetime.  It was there all the time, I just never noticed it.  It never registered in my too…

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The Land of Missed Opportunity – Don’t Go.

I learned a lesson on the way to work yesterday.  I live in a small rural town and drive a two lane highway for much of my commute.  At the edge of town I noticed a large lump in the road before me.  As I approached I realized the lump was actually a very large…

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