Self care

The World Turns Upside Down

Breeda taking a nap on the porch sofa with a dog pillow an dog foot warmer.

By Breeda Miller The world turns upside down when the caregiver becomes the patient. Last week I had a routine colonoscopy. No problems, just an adult thing to do and I dreaded it. I got the LARGE container of prep drink ready and followed the instructions, like a good patient. Ever the optimist, I figured…

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5 Caregiver Sanity Secrets

5 secrets to caregiver sanity

I am a recovering caregiver.  I was my mom’s caregiver for nearly 8 years, including hospice in my home.  At the time, I had three young teenagers, a husband who worked midnights and a job where I worked out of my home office.  I had the worst of both worlds – I never got to…

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The Caregiver Clubhouse

Breeda enjoying a break with a big mug of tea

I spend a lot of time talking with caregivers and I ask them what do they need or want most?  I get a lot of different answers, but the most common answer is, “I need a break”.  I need some MEtime  to do what I want to do.  But then they tell me how guilty…

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Herding Cats

Caregiving can often feel like herding cats.  Just when you think you have figured something out another challenge appears, or a dependable solution doesn’t work anymore. Caregiving is frustrating and exhausting. This is a photo of our son with our two jumbo kittens.  These babies are just seven months old, yet they are already bigger…

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Self Care Isn’t Selfish. It’s Survival.

Self-Care isn’t Selfish.  It’s survival. Take a Break Before You Break.  I say it all the time and I am learning to take my own advice.  I know when I am overtired, mentally stressed and physically exhausted. I need to take a break instead of pushing on, spreading myself too thin and risking crankiness to…

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The Secret to Life

I have finally discovered the secret to life.  Through the wise words of Mark Scharenbroich CSP, CPAE I now understand an essential truth.  It has appeared as an innocent disclaimer printed on countless ticket stubs throughout my lifetime.  It was there all the time, I just never noticed it.  It never registered in my too…

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Why do you think they call it an iPhone?

I have an iphone and I love it.  It is an amazing device that allows me to to do so many things, be connected to so many people and  learn new things everyday.  It is a workhorse.  Funny thing,  this hard working little machine needs to be charged EVERY DAY!  Imagine that, it goes and…

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