The Caregiver Clubhouse

Breeda enjoying a break with a big mug of tea

I spend a lot of time talking with caregivers and I ask them what do they need or want most?  I get a lot of different answers, but the most common answer is, “I need a break”.  I need some MEtime  to do what I want to do.  But then they tell me how guilty…

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Herding Cats

Caregiving can often feel like herding cats.  Just when you think you have figured something out another challenge appears, or a dependable solution doesn’t work anymore. Caregiving is frustrating and exhausting. This is a photo of our son with our two jumbo kittens.  These babies are just seven months old, yet they are already bigger…

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Improv Theater For One – Dealing with Dementia

Breeda listens to a caregiver's concerns.

If you’ve ever played along with the reality of a person with dementia – you’ve experienced the thrill of Improvisational Theater. While no audience is there to applaud your creativity, having this mindset in how you approach the many challenging situations of caregiving can help you find creative solutions and reduce stress. While caring for…

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An Inspiring Road Traveled – Safely.

Last week I was in Evansville, IN to speak at the Mid American Institute on Aging Conference.  This well organized, annual event featured Teepa Snow, the renowned OT specializing in Dementia Care techniques,  a wide variety of experts in all things aging and a dynamic closing talk by Diana Nyad whose topic was Never Give…

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The Ultimate Evil Twin

In the last year of my mother’s life she developed intermittent dementia. Kind of like a nosy neighbor who just shows up when you least expect them, or want them. She often told me about “The other Breeda.” I then would ask her for the inside scoop on what this awful woman was doing. Mom…

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