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Resources for Caregivers

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Caregiver Toolkit

Whether you purchase them on line, borrow from friends or ask for them from your medical provider, this list can help you keep ahead of the situations that may arise.

Farm It Out!

Here’s a list of a various jobs handled as a caregiver. Take a look and see which tasks you can hand off to someone else, so you can get some valuable rest and recovery.

Respite Care

Respite refers to a short time of rest or relief. There are many settings in which respite care can be provided. This list explains the types of respite care available.

Movies & TV Shows

Keep this list of Breeda's picks for funny movies and TV shows to help you in the library or when you are scrolling lists to find something to lighten up your day.

People, Products and Ideas to help you Carry On

I am not selling any of these products (except my book!) - I have used many of them as a caregiver and found them to be helpful.  This is a quick way for you to find support when you need it.  Whether it's a helpful organization or a creative alternative use for a product.

Do you have a great idea or resource that you would like to share? Please send me an email, I'd love to hear from you!

Things to Buy

Ergonomic Cutlery

Adult Bibs, with attitude

Cool Wheelchairs and Walkers

Disposable Underwear

Good Ideas

  • Monthly Pedicures—for you
  • Go outside.  Go for a walk - even if it's only 15 minutes.
  • Take a nap and don't feel guilty about it.
  • 15-minute neck and shoulder massages
  • Your local library–movies, audio books. Just go.
  • Schedule field trips—accessible museums, boardwalks, greenhouses
  • See if technology can help - Amazon Echo or similar products
  • Find music that soothes and stimulates the mind and keep it around.

Things to Make

  • Create a family memory album / digital books -
  • Transfer old film and video to DVD -
  • A fidget blanket or apron
  • A favorite family recipe with your care partner - even if you end up doing most of the cooking.  A treat for the senses, the memory, and the tummy.

Books to Read

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