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Breeda listens to a caregiver's concerns.
Sometimes just listening is the biggest help of all.

Do you need a speaker who can engage, educate and entertain your participants?  Are you looking for a way to tie it all together?

Someone who can set the tone, introduce your leadership, keep things moving and tie it all up at the end and send your guests off with the message you intended?

I can help.  It's challenging to create, plan and manage an event.  I have been an event planner and I have the scars to prove it.  I left my PDJ (pesky day job) to help others and I am ready to help you.

Whether you need a keynote speaker, an interactive breakout or workshop, an event host or a Creative Summary Closing Keynote speaker, I am at your service.

Connect with Breeda by phone: 734 428 0847, or [email protected] or Breedamiller.com

Breeda's Story

An author, speaker and trainer, Breeda has used her professional experience serving health care organizations, corporations, nonprofit communities and academic institutions such as Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, The University of Michigan, Kimberly Clark, The Alzheimer’s Association, and Leading Age providing them with creative and actionable solutions. Breeda’s knowledge and expertise came to her the hard way – she was a family caregiver for her mother for eight years including hospice care in her home.  She is a graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy with a degree in communications studies.  Her stories have been broadcast nationally on The Moth Story Hour on NPR. A professional member of the National Speakers Association, she is also the Immediate Past President of the NSA Michigan Chapter.  Through the power of story, audience interaction and warm-hearted humor, Breeda delivers strategies that make a difference.

  • Professional Member of NSA – National Speakers Association
  • Immediate Past President of NSA Michigan
  • Co Chair Big Hearts for Seniors, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  • University of Detroit Mercy Graduate
  • Professional Voice Over Artist
  • Appeared on The Moth Story Hour on NPR
  • Award Winning Author
  • Event Professional

Breeda’s professional experience

  • A graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy with a degree in Communication Studies and Business
  • Breeda serves at Co-Chair for the Big Hearts for Seniors signature event, Big Hearted Stories, a storytelling event through the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, which raises funds for the premier agencies serving older adults in Washtenaw County.
  • An experienced savvy MC, Breeda has hosted events large and small to ensure a seamless experience for the audience and a smooth transition of programming elements.
  • An Expert Trainer working with Crescendo Strategies presenting employee retention programs.
  • Breeda began in Detroit working in radio and television stations for over a decade.
  • She has created and produced major events for one of the largest health systems in the country.  Focusing on employee and donor engagement within the fundraising arena, Breeda developed programs and events that were original and highly successful.
  • Breeda is a life-long Michigander who enjoys time on her screened porch,  her two silly dogs, two massive cats and walking the Camino de Santiago with her husband.
  • Her passion is helping Caregivers Carry On as well as others who need encouragement and a bit of inspiration.

Contact Breeda: [email protected]



Breeda talking with Dr. Musolf

Ypsilanti District Library

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