So, You Call Yourself A Caregiver….or not?

Helping hands on a walk together.

Maybe you don’t.  Who decides whether you are a Caregiver? I’ve spoken to so many people caring and worrying about their aging frail parents who say, “But I’m not a caregiver.  Mom doesn’t live with me”.  Yet, they worry about their Mom, they are the ones who are called in the night for emergencies, they have…

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The World Turns Upside Down

Breeda taking a nap on the porch sofa with a dog pillow an dog foot warmer.

By Breeda Miller The world turns upside down when the caregiver becomes the patient. Last week I had a routine colonoscopy. No problems, just an adult thing to do and I dreaded it. I got the LARGE container of prep drink ready and followed the instructions, like a good patient. Ever the optimist, I figured…

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Sometimes You Have to Ask

Breeda listens to a caregiver's concerns.

A Caregiver sent me a message and asked for help. Wait Wait Mr. Postman!! Sandy said that she was at her wit’s end – her mom had begun throwing mail away and she didn’t know what to do.  Mom’s bills and important notices were missing, and she was beside herself.  Sandy asked if she should…

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5 Caregiver Sanity Secrets

5 secrets to caregiver sanity

I am a recovering caregiver.  I was my mom’s caregiver for nearly 8 years, including hospice in my home.  At the time, I had three young teenagers, a husband who worked midnights and a job where I worked out of my home office.  I had the worst of both worlds – I never got to…

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Cake is Complicated

It seemed like such a reasonable idea. It was Dad’s 87th birthday and his daughter wanted to bring a cake to the senior day center. Who doesn’t like cake?

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The Caregiver Clubhouse

Breeda enjoying a break with a big mug of tea

I spend a lot of time talking with caregivers and I ask them what do they need or want most?  I get a lot of different answers, but the most common answer is, “I need a break”.  I need some MEtime  to do what I want to do.  But then they tell me how guilty…

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When Caregiving Ends – Who are You?

Breeda Miller – Caregiver Champion The End and The Beginning The day arrives. Caregiving come to an end for family caregivers and a new stage of life begins.  While caring for an elderly parent or a family member with a chronic illness can be exhausting and all consuming, it can also provide a framework for…

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