Fresh February and a Soft Spot to Land

This is a stretch, I know it. I don’t typically think of February as a fresh anything. It’s smack dab in the depths of winter without the energy of January or the relief that March brings. Yet, here we are. So, as is my custom, I’m making the best of it. Here’s what I’ve done with you in mind and I hope you can take a few minutes to take a break and enjoy a fresh new Soft Spot to Land.

Didn’t see this coming
As a speaker who travels and spends time in airports and hotel rooms, this year of living and working from home has been frustrating and wonderful. I haven’t been able to go places and do things I love to do, but I have found time to do many things that I have wanted to do but just didn’t. At first, I thought we would be in this situation for a few weeks or a couple of months. Clearly, I don’t have a crystal ball. Who knew that a year later we now own an array of masks, are really missing hugs and a trip to the grocery store is considered “going out”?

A year of adjustments
I’ve spent the past year presenting virtually and have become a whiz at zoom and Facebook LIVES. I’ve wanted to recreate my website for a long time and I really wanted to write a new little book to help people who need a bit of inspiration, clever ideas, or just a kick up the bum to take better care of themselves. And, I worked hard to follow my own advice, which isn’t easy.

Good Intentions
While my to-do list is still long and I am still an avid fan of procrastination I have managed to complete two really big things and I’m ready to share them with you now. I used to have one website that tried to do too many things. I wanted to provide a spot for people who needed a soft spot to land to get good information, inspiration, and a bit of a laugh. I also wanted to reach out to people who need a professional speaker for their conference or event and let them know what I have to offer. Doing both of those things in one place created a messy and confusing place, not unlike my basement.

I broke up with myself
On the advice of a person much wiser than me, I split my world. I created two websites (with the help of friends) and I am simply delighted with the result. It just makes sense. One site, is for people who are looking for a great speaker or facilitator. Breeda is for anyone who is frustrated, exhausted, and needs a soft spot to land. It’s filled with my stories, both in videos and blogs, and a terrific resource page that I compiled to help you find groups and organizations that can really help. I hope you will check it out and find something that you need right now.

Write it down

Good ideas. I’m full of them, or at least full of something. After being a hands-on caregiver for my mother, working for and with people with difficult personalities, parenting three kids (two with special needs), creating my own business, and deciding at age 60 that I could do a few things I’ve never done before, I wrote it all down. Then I took out all but the essential ideas and created a little book filled with what my friend called “distilled wisdom”. It’s called Take a Break Before You Break, 52 practical self-care tips. It’s in production right now and you can pre-order your copy now and get free shipping. Who doesn’t love free shipping?
No time to read?
The idea is to keep this little book with you, in your car or in your bag and read it when you have a minute or two. I had so many people tell me they loved my first book, The Caregiver Coffeebreak and confess to me that although they were not a caregiver, they loved the book. Regardless of your circumstance we can all use a bit of help sorting out what to do and giving us the kick up the bum to actually do it. We know that we are supposed to take good care of ourselves. We just don’t do it. Or we just don’t do it consistently. This book will help. It will be in my hands in early March and I will send it out to you immediately. Reserve your copy now.

Cabin Fever
The pandemic is not a new thing anymore. We are fed up, sick of it and itching to get back to doing our favorite things with our favoite people. Just not yet. Soon, we will be able to travel, have parties and meet up with friends at restaurants or in our backyards. Just not yet. I care about you and your family and I want you to stay safe until this virus is just a bad memory not a constant worry. Until then take care of yourself and find a soft spot to land. I hope I help with that.

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