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Can You Relate?

Feeling as rough as I look
It’s been a week hasn’t it? I was just exhausted, overwhelmed and the weather change did a number on me. I had the worst migraine I can remember – really horrible and so bad that my prescription medicine didn’t help. Then I needed to take the next day to recover. So here I am, putting myself out there. No matter how hard you try to do all the right things, there will be days when you just have to surrender and stay in bed. So I did.

We all want to be normal again.
I know I am not alone. People are on edge. There is so much uncertainty between the upcoming election, upticks in CoVid, the shortening days with less sunlight, concerns about the economy and people simply longing for “normal” life. Everybody wants to get back to “normal”. We want to get together with friends, go to shows, travel, plan events and not have a trip to the grocery store be a major logistical challenge. We will again someday, I’m confident of that. But until then we have to be resourceful, creative and patient. It’s just so hard, and honestly, we are sick of it.

Kindness is the answer
I guess I would rather be sick of the situation than actually sick with CoVid. I have several dear friends who have been seriously ill with this horrible virus. I am doing everything I can to keep myself and my family safe, and I hope the same is true for you. I am doing my best to think of things to help me get through this winter. Whether it’s finding ways to stay comfy and cozy (bring on the Hygge), figuring out new and easy recipes, making our home a bit more comfortable (as long as we are at home we might as well make it nice, right?) and doing my best to be patient. Patient with myself, the people I love and especially patient with people I don’t know who may be acting badly or being inconsiderate. I often think that when people behave badly it is rooted in fear. I do my best to keep that in mind. So many are afraid and if we can find ways to be kind, show consideration and lead by example we will get through this very difficult time and come out the other side.

Find your way
My point in this piece is that even when we do our best to take a break, we can become exhausted and overwhelmed. Be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself. Give yourself permission to take time to care for yourself, whatever that might look like. I consider it a luxury that I was able to take a day to stay in bed and let the world go on without me for a day. Not everyone can do that and it is heartbreaking. I hope you find ways to be strong, healthy, and help others do the same.

Take care,

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