Sweet Small Town Gifts

The sweetness of living in small town can far outweigh the inconvenience.  When we need to go shopping, it’s about 20 miles to the nearest city and that is a small town by many standards.  There are miles between farmhouses and more miles separating the nearest town or village. But when we walk through our village and folks smile and wave, it’s sweet.

I grew up in a suburb of Detroit and living in a rural area was never part of my vision for my life, but I’m glad that it has turned out this way.  I commute to the nearby city – a college town, filled with quirky people and places, great medical facilities and too much traffic for my taste.  If I am in a traffic jam on the way in to the office it’s usually because of a tractor.

I needed to obtain a PO Box last week for my speaking business.  I had one years ago and let it expire, but my needs have changed and it was time.  This is where the sweetness of the living in a small town shows its lovely self.  I went to our local post office (there was no line) and asked about a PO Box.  The friendly lady gave me a form to fill out, asked for the proper ID and gave me the rates.  I asked how they assign box numbers.  She said it’s whatever is available.  I asked if I could choose a number.  She said, sure, if it’s available.  I thought about it. My first PO Box in this town was actually PO Box 1.  Sadly, that number was taken.  Then I thought about my favorite number and sure enough, it was available and waiting for me.  I snagged Box #32 and felt like I had hit the jackpot.

I don’t know if every Post Office has the luxury of such personal service, but I am so grateful to live in a small town that allows one to choose a lucky number as part of their business address. Some people consider living in the country an exercise in inconvenience.  Our dirt road finds it’s way into onto our porches and inside our house.  Most Sunday mornings I hear the clip clopping of horses as my neighbors take their weekend rides.  The canopy of trees that frame that dirt road is my favorite Welcome Home. How small is my town?  When the Dairy Queen finally got chocolate soft serve it was a front page headline in the local newspaper.  Now that’s a small town and It’s pretty sweet.

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