Healthy Habits that Help

Healthy habits are not really my idea of a good time. I pictured celery sticks, treadmills, and balancing my checking account. Painful stuff. But I realized that my definition of Healthy Habits doesn’t have to be the same as those that I have avoided (quite successfully) for most of my life. It’s about re-defining Healthy. What does that mean for you? For me it’s about a positive mindset, avoiding toxic people, filling my heart with beautiful thoughts and ideas – from art, nature, and really good memes.

Give Yourself Permission
It’s about appreciating the space I am in and the things I already have in my life. Building a mindset of resilience and knowing that I don’t have to have all the answers, but I need to be willing to ask the hard questions and find the answers from experts and reliable sources. Healthy habits are about giving yourself permission to do good things for yourself, your mind and your body. Certainly, it’s about eating healthy foods and getting enough rest. But it’s about deciding that these things are gifts to yourself and not punishments. Instead of focusing on the foods, we cannot (or should not) eat, how about finding delicious foods that are actually good for us. I’m always up for a treat but allowing myself a treat after I’ve been focused on caring for myself is just so much better.

No Sausage Fingers for me
Sweating. I’m not a fan. I find ways to move my body that don’t require lots of equipment or a sports bra. I just need a good pair of shoes and socks (two pair if it’s a long hike). The only fancy equipment I use is a good pair of hiking sticks. They really help me set a good cadence, help me avoid falls and keep my arms up so I don’t develop sausage fingers as I walk. They are not essential but I enjoy hikes especially on a hilly trail so much more with them as my trusty companions. Sometimes I break a sweat and have to peel off a layer of clothing, but it feels good and I get a great sense of accomplishment.

A walk on the wild side
I had a quasi-religious experience last weekend. Jim and I drove to a nearby small lake and decided to walk on the water…frozen water. It felt very dangerous and risky, despite all the ice fishing shanties and snowmobiles. It was a good walk and so peaceful. To stand in the middle of the lake and see the shore was simply inspiring. One healthy habit I am developing is that it’s ok to drive somewhere to go for a walk. Somehow I got it into my head that one should simply walk out the front door and see where it takes you. But that get’s boring and it’s such a treat to find local trails and small towns to walkabout. We’ve decided that we will have Walking Wednesday and Strolling Sundays where we will drive to a destination for our walks. Then take two other days to walk from home. That’s four days of good walking and it’s a healthy habit that I am really looking forward to. What are some healthy habits that you can personalize and make meaningful for you?

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