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Well PACED Care

If our goal is to stay in our own homes as long as possible and to receive supportive medical care, transportation and a stimulating social environment, I found a program that may be be the best kept secret in senior care. There are 122 of these very special centers in 31 states. I wish I had a magic wand and there would be an option like this for every community. It's called PACE and it's been around since the early 70's.

A day of learning and loving

I spent the day with Lifecircles PACE in Muskegon, Michigan speaking to a passionate group of carepartners. Everyone from the CEO, physicians, therapists, psychologists, office staff, bus drivers, social workers, clinical and office staff and direct care professionals attended and participated. PACE is sort of one-stop care for elderly folks who qualify for nursing home placement but wish to remain in their own homes as long as possible. Some participants live in assisted living facilities and are picked up and brought to PACE for therapeutic and social activities.

Best Kept Secret in Senior Care

Most family caregivers have never heard of the PACE program, I know I hadn't. It's funded through Medicare and Medicaid and there are rules and limitations about who qualifies for services. However, for those who do qualify - it is extraordinary. The facility in Muskegon is bright, cheerful and immaculately clean. The faculty and staff are passionate about their work and I learned that the staff turnover is very low - highly unusual in the senior care world. They love their work and they love the people they care for.

Find out about PACE

To learn that a place like this exists and is thriving is one of the most uplifting and inspiring experiences I have had as I travel to speak to support professional and family caregivers. If you'd like to learn more about the PACE program and see if there is one near you, here is the link:

A future option?

PACE may be the best-kept secret that serves those who need care, but wouldn't it be wonderful if more people could access programs like this? 122 programs in 31 states. The need is great and this model is something to consider as we look to the future.


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10 thoughts on “Well PACED Care”

  1. It was indeed a wonderful day at LifeCircles of Muskegon.
    I was able to glean so much good and sound information from your presentation. I could see the hearts of our caregiving staff being truly touched.

  2. Karen LeClair

    What wonderful informative presentation! I wish I could hear it all again. I will be visiting my 86 year old Mom this weekend. I get up very early to clean her house and wash her clothes while she’s still sleeping. That way she won’t be embarrassed and think that I think she’s dirty. Your talk about maintaining your Mother’s dignity was spot on. It takes some creative thinking to get things done. But our Moms are worth it.😊 Thank you for the encouragement!

    1. Breeda Miller

      Thanks so much Karen. It was a delightful way to spend a day in Muskegon with your team at Lifecircles PACE. I am so glad you enjoyed the presentation and that it was meaningful to you. Sounds like you are a wonderful daughter and I am sure your mother appreciates your consideration. All the best! Breeda

  3. Thank you for sharing your energy, humor and ingenuity with us last week at LifeCircles PACE. I’m so very glad you’ve learned about the PACE model and got to spend a day with us. PACE truly is the gold standard in senior care. It is such a shame that it isn’t more widely known and utilized. We need people to start asking for PACE by name. We shared your blog post on our facebook page to help get the word out, and I’ll be sending the link to the PACE Association of Michigan and the National PACE Association. We’ll link to it on our website too! We need to stop being the best kept secret 🙂 Anyhow, thank you again for your fabulous tone for the day. I’m still marveling at your special ticket for your Mother’s journey. If you ever need another testimonial for your speaking, let us know. You helped us have our best education day yet! Keep inspiring and energizing! You’re doing great work.

    1. Breeda Miller

      Thanks so much Sarah! It was a great day and I’m delighted to share the word about PACE. I hope our paths cross again soon.

  4. Thank you, Breeda. You provided us a breath of fresh air and reassurance our vision and mission are what is needed in the community of care providers for their loved ones. It is hard work, but as you say, take a break before you break, is great advice. Please continue the good work you do. Please keep PACE in mind as you travel about spreading the your mission.

    1. Thank you Daniel. What a fabulous team you have in Muskegon and Holland. PACE is a blessing for your staff and all the participants. I truly hope our paths cross again.

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