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Best Gift Ever:  Space and Grace.

Best Gift Ever:  Space and Grace.

I’ve decided to give the gift of Space and Grace to some people I love.  By Space I mean that I have learned that they need time alone, time to process their problems in their own time and in their own way.  By Grace, it means to me that I will pray for them and respect them enough to sort out their own best way to handle their situation.

Are you a “fixer”?

So many people struggle with depression and anxiety and for them, just getting through the day is exhausting and extremely stressful.  I have been blessed in that I have never experienced depression and anxiety has not been a constant companion.  Working and living with people who do live with these challenges can be difficult, especially if you are a “fixer”.  It can be so hard to step aside,  not offer advice and to simply be silently present.

Unconditional quiet support

To sit with a friend, to offer a hug without a smidge of a platitude or cheery encouragement – because at that moment all that is needed is your unconditional and quiet support.  Space and Grace – I believe it is a powerful gift to give to one who struggles and to be fortunate enough to be able to provide such a gift is a very high honor.

Giving a Break

Do you know someone who struggles? I love the saying, “Someone with Alzheimer’s isn’t giving you a hard time.  Someone with Alzheimer’s is having a hard time”.  You can substitute the word Alzheimer’s with many other conditions and it still works.  Depression often presents itself as anger.  Anxiety can show up as criticism and negativity.  While I love to say Take a Break Before You Break, I’d like to add to that, Give Others a Break, you don’t know what they are going through.  I’ll never forget hearing this many years ago: “Treat everyone you meet as though their heart is breaking, because it probably is”.

You might be able to give the gift of a lifetime to someone you care about – give them space and grace.

2 thoughts on “Best Gift Ever:  Space and Grace.”

    1. Thank you Bronwyn. It may not seem like much, but I have learned how much impact quiet, supportive presence can have.

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