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The Caregiver Clubhouse

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I spend a lot of time talking with caregivers and I ask them what do they need or want most?  I get a lot of different answers, but the most common answer is, “I need a break”.  I need some MEtime  to do what I want to do.  But then they tell me how guilty they feel about this, how tired they are and how they just don’t have the ____________ to make it happen.   You can fill in the blank with any of the following:  energy, time, money, support, ideas, strength, heart.

My mission in life is to help Caregivers Carry On.  So that’s why I created a new on-line support program for caregivers (past, present and future).   The VIP Caregiver Clubhouse is a soft spot to land, a place to go for support, inspiration and resources.  For five weeks we will work together to come up with creative ideas to help each other find more (or just some!) MEtime.  That’s the goal and I have some great and fun ideas about how to make it happen.

This is not a course or a class – it’s not something to add to your overwhelm.  It’s a place to go to connect, unwind and be inspired.  A place to Take a Break.  You can access it as much or as little as you like – it opens up on May 2 and closes on June 7.  As a pilot program you will have the opportunity to help me fine tune the Clubhouse so it will be the Go-to spot for Caregivers to find real world, uplifting and creative ideas to support each other.


As part of our inaugural crew in the Clubhouse, you can gain access for only $27.  Future Clubhouse sessions will be available at $60.  So, this is the time to jump in and get your Spring off to fresh start.   Here’s how you can join:

What’s in the VIP Caregiver Clubhouse?

Starting May 2, the doors are open for members and here’s what you’ll find:

  • Weekly Theme – I will have a few micro videos (1 – 2 minutes long)  and some stories that will inspire you and give you something to consider this week.  Watch them whenever you have time.
  • Guest Experts– each week we will have one guest expert who will join us in the Clubhouse to share a pearl of wisdom in their area of expertise.  These experts will present a 10 -15 minute segment which will help you gain additional perspective and ideas about taking care of yourself and finding the time to do it.   You can catch this Guest expert video whenever you have the time.
  • Downloadable Resource Sheets

A slew of clever ideas, activity sheets, journal prompts and tracking pages that will help you sort out where you are right now, what you would like to be doing and how to make it happen.   Including your own “GO AWAY” door hanger.

  • The Clubhouse Gang

This is the best part.  A soft spot to land to ask questions, share ideas and success stories or just offer a shoulder of support to another caregiver.  Our group will be open 24/7 for five weeks and you can post and be as active as you want to me.  I will be there a lot – often with live videos to keep things lively.  The important thing to remember is that this is a private, closed group.  Only those members of the VIP Caregiver Clubhouse will be able to see posts or have access to this group.  So, if you want to ask a question that is embarrassing or awkward in a public group – this is the place to be.   What happens in the Caregiver Clubhouse STAYS in the Caregiver Clubhouse.

Sound good?  Would you like to be a part of this pilot experience?  I hope you will say yes and join us now – we already have a really nice group of caregivers who have raised their hands and said yes – I hope you will too.   If it’s not right for you, maybe you know another caregiver who would really enjoy this opportunity to connect with others and become inspired to be pro-active and take better care of themselves.  Please share this email far and wide. 

I am building this Clubhouse for you. Here’s the link join:

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  1. this is such a great idea for people who are the carers of the world. wonderful to reach out to others going through the same things and to hear that it’s all normal from someone who’s been there –

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