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Best Gift Ever:  Space and Grace.

Best Gift Ever:  Space and Grace. I’ve decided to give the gift of Space and Grace to some people I love.  By Space I mean that I have learned that they need time alone, time to process their problems in their own time and in their own way.  By Grace, it means to me that…

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New fangled ideas to really help Caregivers

I love finding solutions to everyday problems. As a caregiver it seems like every day there are new challenges and problems to solve.  One of my dear friends shared with me her recent experience with technology that has surprised and delighted both her and her 101-year-old mother.  Here are her unsolicited comments regarding the Amazon…

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Hometown Newspaper Love

One of the benefits of living in a small town is the opportunity to share your joy with the community.  When my book  The Caregiver Coffeebreak was published, the local paper wrote a lovely story and helped announce the book launch – which would be held at my home.  We brewed coffee and tea, baked…

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