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The Caregiver Coffeebreak with Breeda Miller is a soft spot to land for both professional and family caregivers. The Caregiver Coffeebreak provides inspiration, support, and information for caregivers through a breezy tip book, short engaging videos, a private online community and a series of videos and interviews with fascinating experts. Allow yourself a few minutes to relax, pour yourself a cuppa and Take a Break - Before You Break.

The Caregiver Coffeebreak is a supportive resource available to you - wherever you may be.

  • The Videos - A series of engaging videos featuring stories, tips, and encouragement for caregivers.
  • The Book - A breezy tip book filled with clever ideas, helpful resources and distilled wisdom designed to support caregivers and others.
  • Coloring Journal - a compact journal (5" x 7") with a page for stress-reducing coloring alongside lined pages for journaling.  Take along to appointments and color while you wait and then take notes during the appointment.  Comes with a petite set of coloring pencils.
  • The Stress Cup - or Cup O' Stress.  A fun way to de-stress.  Squeeze this "cup of coffee" when you need to let off some steam.  Nobody gets hurt and you will feel better, plus it's very cute.
  • Facebook Page - The Caregiver Coffeebreak,  curated to provide links to helpful articles, inspiring stories or funny memes and cartoons.
  • The Caregiver Clubhouse - a private space where you can contribute your ideas to help other caregivers, ask questions and connect with other caregivers.  This membership is a wonderful way to connect with other caregivers and with Breeda.  Inspiration, special resources and guest experts.  It's a soft spot to land when you need it.
  • The Newsletter - More like an occasional update with a fresh video or blog post.  When you sign up for the email list (never shared or sold to others) you will also receive my free helpful downloads, PDFs featuring Chuckle Up - lists of funny movies and TV shows to watch, a Farm It Out sheet to help organize support,  A Respite Care Info Sheet and a Caregiver Tool Kit to help with organization.


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Today's Caregiver magazine recently awarded The Caregiver Coffeebreak their 2018 Caregiver Friend Award.


Breeda's Blog

Twelve Cranky Citizens

January 25, 2018

I got the dreaded Jury Duty summons a few months ago. I’ve received these lovely invitations before but had never actually been called to serve. This time would be different. The first thing I would like to suggest is that a quick…

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A Book is Born

January 12, 2018

The Caregiver Coffeebreak A new book is like a new baby, but not as messy. I remember the excitement I felt as a child on Christmas Eve, the week before school started (new shoes!) and the anticipation of the arrival…

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“Breaking Good”

November 22, 2017

“Breaking Bad”. This television series is a master class in truly bad behavior that started out with good intentions.  To ” Break Bad” is a southern regional expression meaning to “raise hell, get into serious trouble, defy social norms”. How about as…

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Jargon Smargon – Just Open Wide

August 4, 2017

Jargon.  It can be a great shorthand way to communicate with your colleagues or it can create an opportunity for stress and anxiety if used with a “civilian” or a patient who isn’t familiar with the terminology or your intent. …

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Nearly Died. Best Gift Ever.

March 21, 2017

I nearly died – It was the best gift I never got. When I was 13 I nearly died. I highly recommend this experience, the nearly part – not the died part. I developed a mysterious infection in my abdomen that…

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Improv Theater For One – Dealing with Dementia

January 5, 2017
Breeda listens to a caregiver's concerns.

If you’ve ever played along with the reality of a person with dementia – you’ve experienced the thrill of Improvisational Theater. While no audience is there to applaud your creativity, having this mindset in how you approach the many challenging…

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